Wildlife & Traffic

A European Handbook for Identifying Conflicts and Designing Solutions

1 Introduction
Original version (2003)
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The European approach

This handbook is produced to cover the many different circumstances found across Europe. There are important differences between the countries regarding the cultural, political and scientific contexts of transport infrastructure development at local, regional and national levels. A good solution in one country may be less effective or suitable in another. Therefore, one of the big challenges in the production of the handbook was to deal with all these differences. There is a difficult balance between finding broad general solutions on the one hand, and more detailed local or regional solutions on the other. In most European countries there already exist more specific and detailed handbooks and guidelines on transport-related issues. A selection of these can be found in the list of handbooks and guidelines in the Annex, or through the COST 341 database.

With this background, it is important to emphasize that there are no 100% correct solutions. The advice provided in this handbook is based upon the accumulated knowledge of a broad range of experts from the participating countries and from numerous international contacts. It remains necessary to adapt and adjust measures to the geographical context, as well as to the specific needs and possibilities of the location. The Handbook is, therefore, no substitute for the advice of local experts such as ecologists, planners and engineers and should be used in conjunction with their advice.