Wildlife & Traffic

A European Handbook for Identifying Conflicts and Designing Solutions

1 Introduction
Original version (2003)
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The Handbook

The main topic of this handbook is the minimisation of ecological barriers and fragmentation effects of transport infrastructure. The primary target groups for the handbook are those involved in the planning, design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure (roads, railways, waterways), as well as decision makers at the national, regional and local levels. It is a solution-orientated handbook, based upon the accumulated knowledge of a broad range of experts from the participating countries and from numerous international contacts. The handbook takes the reader chapter-bychapter through all the different phases, from the first steps of strategic planning, through the integration of roads in the landscape, the use of mitigation measures such as over- and underpasses, the lesser known field of compensatory measures, and to the use of different methods of monitoring and evaluating the chosen solutions. See Chapter 2 Users' Guide