Wildlife & Traffic

A European Handbook for Identifying Conflicts and Designing Solutions

Annex 4: Related websites
Original version (2003)

Centre for Transportation and the Environment (North Carolina, US)
Website: www.itre.ncsu.edu

European Centre for Nature Conservation (ECNC)
Website: www.ecnc.nl

European Environment Agency (EEA)
Website: www.eea.europa.eu

Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories (FEHRL)
Website: www.fehrl.org

Infra Eco Network Europe (IENE)
Website: www.iene.info

International Conference on Ecology and Transportation (ICOET)
Website: www.icoet.net

The World Conservation Union (IUCN)
Website: www.iucn.org

Wildlife Crossings Toolkit (USDA Forest Service, US)
Website: www.fs.fed.us/wildlifecrossings