Wildlife & Traffic

A European Handbook for Identifying Conflicts and Designing Solutions

Annex 5: Handbooks and guidelines
Original version (2003)

Below is the list of documents consulted to draft the original version of the handbook in 2003. For an updated list of other documents, please see the ‘Transport Ecology Guidelines Portal- Publications’.

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United Kingdom:
Byron, H (2000. Biodiversity and Environmental Impact Assessment: A Good Practice Guide for Road Schemes, The RSPB, WWF-UK, English Nature and the Wildlife Trusts, Sandy, Bedfordshire.
Dormouse Conservation Handbook. English Nature, Peterborough.
Ecoscope Applied Ecologists (2001). Highways and Birds: A best practice guide, Highways Agency & Ecoscope Applied Ecologists, St Ives, Cambridgeshire.
English Nature (1996). The significance of secondary effects from roads and road transport on nature conservation, English Nature Research Report No 178, Peterborough, UK.
English Nature (1999). Water Vole -Guidance for planners and developers, Peterborough, UK.
English Nature (1999). Badgers - Guidelines for developers. Peterborough, UK.
Grogan, A., Philcox, C. & Macdonald, D. (2001). Nature Conservation and Roads: Advice in relation to otters, Highways Agency & Wildcru, Oxford, UK.
Highways Agency (1992, as amended). Design Manual for Roads and Bridges Volume 10: Environmental Design and Management, The Stationary Office, Norwich, UK.
Langton, T.E.S., Beckett, C.L., and Foster, J.P. (2001). Great Crested Newt Conservation Handbook, Froglife, Halesworth.
Oxford, M (2000). Developing Naturally - A Handbook for Incorporating the Natural Environment into Planning and Development, Association of Local Government Ecologists (ALGE) & English Nature, Peterborough.
Penny Anderson Associates (1994). Roads and Nature Conservation: Guidance on impacts, mitigation and enhancement. Produced for English Nature, Peterborough, UK. 81pp.
RSPB (2000) Biodiversity Impact - Biodiversity and Environmental Impact Assessment: A Good Practice Guide for Road Schemes RSPB, Sandy, Bedfordshire.
Spellerberg, I.F. and Gaywood, M.J. (1993). Linear features: linear habitats and wildlife corridors, English Nature Research Report No 60, Peterborough, UK.
Strachan R (1998). Water Vole Conservation Handbook. EA, WildCRU, EN Oxford.