Transport Ecology Guidelines Portal

Complementary info: aims to provide free resources for those involved in any types of linear infrastructure and transport in order to include the world’s best ecological-practice in projects.
Country: World

Complementary info: GCLIE will compliment the existing continental conferences on transportation ecology, through providing a platform that allows focus on broader, higher-level, global issues and policies that can influence national and international knowledge sharing and bring about positive change.
Country: World

Complementary info: EU-funded BISON project that will identify future research and innovation needs for a better integration of biodiversity with infrastructure planning, construction, operation and decommissioning.
Country: Europe

Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Year: 2021

Complementary info: The ‘Trame verte et blue’ is a network made up of terrestrial and aquatic ecological continuities identified by regional schemes as well as by planning documents of the national and local authorities.
Country: france

Country: Global
Language: English
Year: 2021

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