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Complementary info: IENE is a network of experts working with various aspects of transportation, infrastructure and ecology.
Country: Europe

Complementary info: A professional network dedicated to the research, design and implementation of environmentally-sensitive linear infrastructure (roads, rail and utility easements) across Australasia.
Country: Australia

Complementary info: ICOET is an interdisciplinary, interagency supported conference addressing the broad range of ecological issues related to transportation systems in all modes.
Country: World

Complementary info: Is the Swedish Transport Agency's research program on the impact of transport infrastructure on biodiversity and landscape ecology
Country: Sweden

Complementary info: Saferoad will help establish a sustainable green infrastructure across Europe, by identifying cost-efficient and ecologically-effective mitigation strategies and maintenance practices to reduce road-wildlife conflicts
Country: Europe

Complementary info: The Harmony project brings together a consortium of ecologists and engineers to develop ways to address the environmental responsibilities of road authorities, in a balanced and cost-effective way.
Country: Europe

Complementary info: EVERNIA is a Czech company focused on landscape fragmentation by transport wich has published the nationally-based methodical materials
Country: Czech Republic

Complementary info: List of Swiss standards, manuals and other documentation regarding environmental aspects of national roads. Documents are also available in German and Italian.
Country: Switzerland

Complementary info: Standards for Swiss roads construction and management published by the VSS (Research and standarization in the field of road and transportation). Documents available in French and German
Country: Switzerland

Complementary info: Online information portal provided by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism which provides information on ecological networks in Austria and neighbouring countries
Country: Austria

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